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Are you looking for a professional, on-demand EA / PA to help you get on with your personal and business matters?
Yours Lucy provides flexible, world-class assistance to support the needs of discerning individuals who value their time and have a great deal to do.

There are no agency / recruitment fees or employment costs. You simply pay for the hours you need. Working with the trusted support of an EA is an uncomplicated and smart way to prioritise, organise and realise your workflow.

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Lucy Beckford

“I worked with Lucy over several years and always found her to be pleasant, fast, efficient, intelligent and totally reliable. In the PA role she was one of those people who are ‘like gold dust’ – one step ahead of you, always anticipating your needs. I thoroughly recommend Lucy to anyone seeking an executive support service.” – Executive Director

“High professional standards, good work pace, efficient. Very helpful and supportive.”

“Lucy is very conscientious and always delivers work of a very high standard. Lucy works very efficiently and never needs chasing. Lucy is very organized and (has) a strong sense of wanting to get work completed.”